Espaço Arte M. Mizrahi
Who we are

The last two decades were marked by the creation of spaces directed to the dissemination of culture, such as the expansion of existing spaces, linked to private institutions or official organizations such as museums, foundations or institutes, for presenting to the public private collections, and to the study and disclose of collections or artworks from deceased artists. Some of these spaces eventually ceased after a promising period, others live periodic crisis, but in general the results have been positives, transforming places that were isolated in attractive and active points, due to cultural activities being promoted there, covering all sorts of public from different cultures, making room for the knowledge and social development.

The Espaço Arte M. Mizrahi is one of these democratic places where the culture, more specifically the Arts, in several styles, are preserved and presented for both experts and laymen to appreciate, to promote the importance of arts education, both as historical and individual merit.

Inaugurated in Alameda Barros, it soon moved to the Patio Higienópolis Shopping Mall. Founded by Mayer Mizrahi that, after passing through textile, fragrance, and retailing industries, has become a dealer and collector. He created the Espaço Arte M Mizrahi gallery reflecting his ideals and his quest to have the freedom to always work with what he loves. With careful and passionate selection, chooses each artist and artwork for his collection, which is composed of paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings.

Modernism, constructivism, contemporary, optical and kinetic are the movements that Espaço works with. A remarkable team of artists, with names like Aldemir Martins, Arcângelo Ianelli, Brecheret, Claudio Tozzi, Dario Perez-Flores, Eduardo Sued, Enrico Bianco, Fernando Cardoso, Hector Carybé, Maramgoni, Marcos Coelho Benjamim, Mario Gruber, Peticov, Reynaldo Fonseca, Sergio Ferro, Tomie Ohtake, Vito Campanella, Yutaka Toyota, Wakabayashi, and others.

In a brief clarification, Art has the benefit, in the social extent, that the individual externalize their feelings, develop integrated personality, in addition to exercise individual and collective cultural consciousness, reflecting in elimination of prejudgement. In context with historic educational value, Art allows the connoisseur to understand the fundamentals of each period and their respective society. There are reflected everydays, conceptions, local beliefs, among other things, figuring the people evolution, from cave art to what is now related and understood as an article of artistic expression.

The Art commercialization encompasses something a lot deeper than the sale / purchase of a decorative object. Acquiring an artwork involves knowing the artist, the social context in which it was inserted at the time of artistic conception, his earlier works, nothing that the artist goes through "phases" where he portrays the subject. An artwork is not just a decorative piece, but a set of emotions, reasons, containing hist social-historical foundation, adding important knowledge in the one who buys it.

To cultivate this interest early, workshops with children from private and public schools are performed by Espaço Arte, leading to children contact with this precious world of expressions, the beauty of colors, lines and textures, as well as technical and aesthetic knowledge essential for the development of creativity. Raising this interest in childhood implies a future where individuals respect diverse concepts and expose themselves without restraint to build a truer society.

The Espaço also promotes vernissage / exhibitions completely open to visitors attracting anyone who has the interest to enjoy and learn about this environment. To introduce this interest, the gallery has two books which visitors are gifted with. The books provide basic information about artistic styles, techniques and a beautiful collection from the gallery.

Through an instantly updated and very active website, information and contact are made available, side by side with our physical space, for marketing and sale artworks. The virtual address contains all the artworks in our collection with detailed information about each, including artists biographies. To be each time more connected to customers, art lovers and those interested in art, the Espaço Arte M Mizrahi is on Facebook and Twitter, informing about new exhibitions, acquisitions, auctions or any other related activity, involving more and more people into this culture.

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